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Physiotherapy & NDIS

Child getting Physiotherapy from a NDIS Therapist

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists support people of all ages and abilities accessing the NDIS to maintain and restore movement and functional ability. At Therapy Inc, we are a Registered NDIS Provider and our Physiotherapists can work with clients accessing the NDIS to set client-centred goals, assess what skills they currently have and determine how to further develop their skills in order to achieve specific goals.

Our Physiotherapists aim to improve mobility, facilitate the natural healing processes of the body and reduce pain. Physiotherapists have been trained in understanding the formation and movement of the human body. As a result, those accessing physiotherapy with NDIS funding will be able to enjoy a higher quality of life and a greater level of independence.

Our Physiotherapists understand the importance of tailoring a program to each individual, ensuring that allowances are made for any underlying health issues or specific limitations.

Who Can Benefit from Physiotherapy?

Many people assume physiotherapy is for when you’ve pulled a muscle in your back lifting something that was too heavy or for when you’ve injured your knee playing football. Physiotherapists can be highly beneficial for those suffering from these kinds of injuries. Physiotherapy can also help those who may be suffering from chronic health problems, resulting in difficulties with mobility or movement. It often involves routine exercises designed to support and strengthen the affected part of the body. Physiotherapy may also incorporate the use of physical aids and include general lifestyle advice.

When a person’s mobility is impacted, they can benefit from utilising their NDIS funding to improve strength, improve mobility, as well as improving balance and increasing overall independence. As a Registered NDIS Provider, our Physiotherapists can also assist with assessing and prescribing assistive technology, by completing applications to the NDIS for suitable mobility aids to assist with increasing independence.

Our Physiotherapists are able to provide support in the following areas to clients accessing the NDIS:

  • Meeting developmental milestones (i.e. gross motor skills)
  • Gait analysis and retraining
  • 24-hour positioning
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Balance control and independence (i.e. sitting, standing, walking)
  • Improving functional mobility
  • Developing movement and coordination
  • Neurological rehabilitation
  • Respiratory management
  • Assessment and prescription of assistive technology