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NDIS Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy from a NDIS Therapist in Perth

What is Occupational Therapy?

In Occupational Therapy, “occupations” refer to the everyday activities that people would typically carry out as individuals, in families or with their communities in order to occupy their time. These are the activities that will bring joy, meaning and purpose to people’s lives – the things that motivate a person to get up out of bed in the morning and get on with their day. Occupations include things that people need to do (such as bathing and eating), things that people want to do (such as practicing a hobby) and things that people are expected to do (such as working, going to school or participating in social activities).

At Therapy Inclusive, our Occupational Therapists support people accessing the NDIS so that they can work towards participating in a range of meaningful activities. These activities may include taking care of oneself (and/or others), obtaining an education, working, participating in hobbies, pursuing interests and enjoying social events. Therapy Inc is an NDIS Registered Provider, and our Occupational Therapists start by meeting with individuals to assess their current skills and abilities, working closely with the person to set specific goals. As part of their assessment, they can then plan how best to develop a person’s existing skills even further, helping them move towards their set goals.

Who Can Benefit from Occupational Therapy?

Accessing Occupational Therapy through NDIS can be highly beneficial for anyone who may have difficulty in accomplishing everyday tasks. As a Registered NDIS Provider, our Occupational Therapists can work with people of any age accessing the NDIS. Occupational Therapists also routinely work with children accessing the NDIS who require assistance in developing their independence or who need help hitting progressive milestones. While individual goals will be set based on a person’s needs and current abilities, Occupational Therapy often focuses on self-care tasks, achieving life skills, regulating emotions and developing improved fine or gross motor skills.

Funding provided by the NDIS (in the area of ‘Capacity Building Supports’ services) will enable a person accessing the NDIS to work with Occupational Therapists on a long-term basis (if this will offer the best chance of results). With continuous support from an Occupational Therapist, a person may be able to achieve a greater level of independence. This could begin with simple self-care activities but, over time, eventually progress towards more ambitious goals, such as using public transport facilities or holding a steady job.

Our Occupational Therapists are able to provide support in the following areas to clients accessing the NDIS:

  • Meeting developmental milestones (i.e. fine motor skills)
  • Sensory processing
  • Self-care tasks (i.e. toileting, bathing, dressing, feeding, grooming)
  • Assisting with maintaining positive behaviours across environments
  • Emotional regulation
  • Social skills
  • Motor skills and coordination
  • Life Skills (i.e. catching public transport, cooking etc)
  • 24-hour positioning
  • Assessment and prescription of assistive technology